The UANA is comprised of several neighborhoods that surround the campus of Wake Forest University. 

The main corridors running through the neighborhoods are Polo Rd and University Pky.

Oak Crest

The largest and the oldest of these neighborhoods is Oak Crest, established in June 1923, with Polo Rd as its main corridor between Reynolda Rd and Student Dr and all of the side streets both north and south of Polo Rd. These streets are Friendship Cr, Freds Rd, Idlewild Dr, Idlewilde Ct, Idlewilde Heath Dr, Idlewilde Heath Ct, Rosedale Cr, Hobart St, Harmon Av, and Crepe Myrtle Cr.

Cottage Grove

Located along corridor University Pky just past the WFU campus and north of Polo Rd is Bethabara Rd to the left.  At the beginning of Bethabara Rd is the small neighborhood of Cottage Grove, established in 1961, it consists of Barclay Ter and Cypress Cr. 

Wake View 

Still on the North side of University Pky across from the intersection of Bethabara Rd is another small neighborhood called Wake View, established in 1956.   It consists of the following streets:  Macon Dr, Waycross Dr, Kress Dr, and Ranch Dr. 

Returning back to the corridor of Polo Rd east of WFU and University Pky is an area that was once a large dairy farm owned by Charlie Long and other members of the Long family.  This area extends east along Polo Rd to Cherry St and now consists of several small neighborhoods that we refer to collectively as Long Acres.  The neighborhoods that comprise Long Acres are listed below.


Located on the north side of Polo Rd is the Brookwood neighborhood, established circa late 1930's.  It consists of the following streets:  Brookwood Dr, Polo Rd (north), Palm Dr, Yellowstone Ln, Long Dr, and Ewing Dr. 

Brookwood Addition

Then in 1956, Yellowstone Ln was extended two blocks east and two more streets were added to the east side of the Brookwood neighborhood, Minorcas Dr and Delmonte Dr, becoming Brookwood Addition.

Wake Homes

Just east of University Pky along the south side of Polo Rd is Brookwood Dr (south).  The area of Wake Homes, which was established in 1961, is the portion of Brookwood Dr south to Brookglen Apts and also includes the houses along University Pky from Howell St to the exit ramp for Polo Rd. 


Lakewood is the largest neighborhood of the Long Acres  neighborhood cluster and was established circa mid 1940's.  It consists of Brookwood Dr south from Brookglen Apartments to Cherry St, Howell St, Lakewood Dr, Wakefield Dr, Cherry St between Brookwood Dr and Howell St, the portion of Bethabara Rd that splits off of Reynolds Blvd, and the stretch of University Pky from Reynolds Blvd to Howell St.

Long Acres

And last, but not least is the Long Acres neighborhood.   It is the smallest of this cluster of neighborhoods and only consists of Marlowe Av and was established in 1959.


The stretch of Polo Rd from Delmonte Dr to Cherry St is referred to as Daltonia.  Like Brookwood, Daltonia is one of the oldest neighborhoods east of Univertsity Pky being established circa 1936.  Daltonia also consists of Cherry St south from Polo Rd to Howell St and the streets along the south side of Polo Rd and east of Cherry St behind Forest Hills Baptist Church.  Daltonia is not recognized by the UANA. 



It may seem confusing, but when you look at these areas on a map it begins to make sense. 

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