By-Laws of the University Area Neighborhood Association

Adopted June 20, 2013


The name of the Association shall be the University Area Neighborhood Association. The Association shall maintain as an address that of the UANA homepage,, or that of the current president, or of another Association officer so designated. The president shall be considered as chairman of all activities including all business meetings of the Association.


The purpose for which the Association is organized is to represent the permanent residents and property owners of the Polo Road – University Parkway area in all matters that pertain to the continuing health and well being of this area as a residential environment. To achieve this goal the Association will encourage residents to:

  • preserve the inherent residential nature of the neighborhood;
  • work to prevent encroachment of industrial, educational, institutional, commercial, and high density land uses;
  • encourage all residents and property owners to maintain and improve existing properties;
  • sponsor meetings, cultural and civic events, presentations, and fundraisers which will improve the quality of life, educate and encourage residents, and further the goals of the Association;
  • represent the interests of the neighborhood and residents with the University Area Community Partnership, based at Wake Forest University, and with any other neighborhood-related entities within the larger community;
  • pursue other endeavors as may be deemed advisable by the neighborhood community.


Section I: Area of Membership

The University Area Neighborhood Association shall consist of the following areas located in the city of Winston-Salem, county of Forsyth, state of North Carolina, and contained by the following boundaries: Oak Crest, Cottage Grove, Wake View, Brookwood, Wake Homes, Lakewood, Daltonia, and Long Acres. Residents of these areas must live within either the North Ward or the Northwest Ward of Winston-Salem to be eligible for membership. Residents of other, adjacent areas and sections—such as Forest Heights and Woodberry Forest—are encouraged to join on an individual basis.

Section II: Resident Homeowners

Membership in the Association shall be open to residents 18 years or older living in or owning property as a single family dwelling in the Polo Road – University Parkway area specified in Article III, Section I. 

Section III: Voting Members

Any resident as specified in Sections I and II above, and who has paid current required annual dues as established by the duly elected officers of the Association, shall be a member and entitled to one vote on each matter brought before the membership for consideration, and shall be referred to as "voting members." A maximum of two votes per household is allowed.


Leadership will consist of officers and board members, elected annually. These persons shall live in or have a vested business interest within the areas defined in Article III, Section I. The officers and board members will not be compensated for their service.

OFFICERS: There will be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers must be able to carry out all manners of government pertaining to the Association. Officers shall be elected by a majority (51%) vote of members present at the Association annual meeting.

The PRESIDENT shall preside over meetings and represent the Association in all business matters pertaining to the Association.

The VICE-PRESIDENT shall preside over all business matters in the absence of the President. The Vice-President shall be the President’s stand-in on all committees and at all meetings.

The SECRETARY shall maintain an active record of meetings, elections, decisions, and correspondence as an archive of the Association. He or she is also assigned the first responsibility to develop newsletters or other materials to be distributed by officers, board members, and others as suggested and required by the Association.

The TREASURER shall have charge and custody of and be responsible for incoming and outgoing funds, receipts, and monies due to or being paid by the Association. The Treasurer will sign checks in behalf of the Association and make deposits at an approved financial institution. The Treasurer will be prepared to make reports as requested of fund balance and use. The Association Fiscal Year will run from July 1st to June 30th.

Any Officer may be removed from office with a majority (51%) vote by members present if a legitimate complaint is raised and a careful consideration made of that complaint. The officer will have the opportunity to reply to the complaint before any such vote would take place.

BOARD MEMBERS: There will be a Board of Advisors to consist of the Association officers and other members chosen by their interest and skill to advise regarding neighborhood history, environmental and civic issues, individual area historic registry efforts, neighborhood liaison to municipal and other entities, and other matters. Ideally at least one person, not an officer, from each side (east and west) of University Parkway, should serve on the Board. 

The Board also will secure nominations from members for future officers; present a slate of officers for review by the membership; and oversee the election of such officers at the annual meeting. In the event of an open position of officer, the Board will nominate a replacement, again to be approved by vote of the members present at the next regular meeting of the Association.


These by-laws may be amended, altered, or replaced by majority (51%) vote of those members present at a meeting announced in advance to include consideration of by-law changes.

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