If you are a permanent resident living in one of the University Area neighborhoods or are a local area business, then we invite and encourage you to become a member of our association.  

Getting involved is very important in keeping our association alive and being able to effectively maintain our neighborhoods as set forth by our standards.  Not to mention, it's a great way to meet your fellow neighbors and business neighbors and get to know them. 

To join, complete the membership form below. (printable form will be added soon)

Annual dues are $10 per person, $15 per household, or $100 per business.  Cash, checks, or paypal (avail soon) are accepted.  Please make checks payable to UANA.  

You can either bring the form and dues with you to our next general meeting or mail it to the following address.

UANA Membership; P O Box 17301; Winston-Salem, NC 27116

UANA Membership Form

Winston - Salem, NC 27106

Choose one:

Please Note:  The Paypal functions below are not active yet!   Please do not attempt to pay your dues through Paypal until we announce it!  Thank you.

Single Membership Dues

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$ 10 USD

Household Membership Dues

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$ 15 USD

Business Membership Dues

No Image Available

$ 100 USD

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