Maintaining Our Properties

* We take pride in our homes and yards. Because these are visible to all, we maintain them in a way that contributes to the general good appearance of the neighborhood.


* We take pleasure and pride in our neighborhood's grassy lawns, trimmed shrubbery, and patches of color from flower beds or gardens. We each accept the responsibility of doing our part by maintaining our own.

* Because nothing destroys a lawn more quickly than parking on it, we park our cars and other vehicles only on driveways or other appropriate surfaces.

* Except on trash pickup days, we keep all trash, debris, and items for recycling in appropriate containers, out of sight.

Neighborly Behavior


* We respect the right of our neighbors to the peaceable enjoyment of their homes. We are aware that neighbors have various sleep, work, and worship schedules, and we do not inflict gratuitous and unreasonable noises upon them.

* Some noises are inevitable and reasonable, such as lawn mowing and landscape work, or house repairs etc. We confine these to daylight hours.

* Loud noises late at night that disturb our neighbors' rest and sleep are not reasonable. Such noises infringe on their rights, and are prohibited by the City/County Noise Ordinance. We strive to maintain a climate of mutual respect between neighbors, and refrain from uncivil and disturbing behavior.

* Most of our residential streets have no sidewalks. Whoever takes a walk must use our streets, and many of us do take walks, some with children, and some who are old and frail. This makes safe driving very important, and we strive to remind ourselves of this.


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