In the event you have to report an incident in your neighborhood, please follow the protocol below.  In addition to following the protocol, the UANA asks that you also report each incident to the executive board.  The executive board keeps track of and documents all incidents that occur in our neighborhoods to insure that we are following through and being consistent with each incident.   So, your cooperation is very important and is greatly appreciated. 

If an incident occurs in which the WSPD is called and they respond to that incident and there is a violation that has occurred, then that officer will file a report that will be available to the public through the Police-To-Citizen (P2C) website.  However, it may take a few days for the report to be posted online.

Protocol For Reporting Incidents

  • Any Incident involving criminal behavior or public disorder should be immediately reported to the Winston-Salem Police Department at 911 for Emergencies or 336-773-7700 for Non-Emergencies.
  • When reporting incidents please provide as much information regarding the incident as possible to the communications operator who takes your call.
  • Provide your name and contact information.
  • Do not direct the Winston-Salem Police or the Wake Forest Police in how to respond to the specific incident or what they should do. The Winston- Salem Police and the University Police are following a specific response protocol and will handle incidents consistent with that protocol and established policy.
  • If you are not satisfied with the response of Police Units contact the non-emergency number, 336-773-7700, and ask to have the Supervisor or Field Commander to call you. Understand that other emergency incidents may be occurring and depending on the nature of those incidents the time you receive a call back may vary.
  • Be willing to prosecute for criminal violations which occur in your neighborhood. If incidents are observed by Law Enforcement they may charge, but many times residents witnessed the violations and will need to step forward.
  • If a resolution to the incident can not be obtained and you are not satisfied, don't get mad or emotional with the first responders. Many times they only have limited information. Contact your association officers and provide a detailed description of the incident and what your concerns are. Remember, many problems and issues will require additional response from all the partners and may take time to resolve.
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