Ever since Wake Forest University moved here in 1956, we have had their students in our midst. As times have changed, so has the student population in our neighborhoods. Now, with a large number of rental houses (mostly rented to students) we are now faced with how to coexist with them literally right outside of our doors.

The University Area Community Partnership (UACP) has worked diligently to see that WFU students have been advised on multiple occasions, by verbal and written communication, of our neighborhood standards, city/county ordinances, WFU Rule 16, WFU off-campus housing agreements, being a good neighbor, and other expectations of being responsible community citizens.  

Any incidents regarding WFU student behavior or activities that prompt you to become involved can be generally be handled by following the protocol listed on the Reporting Incidents page.  

As a permanent resident, this same information is made available to you through this website.   The Ordinances and Agreements page contains a lot of helpful information.  If you have any questions, please check this site first for any information regarding your concern.  If you have a situation that is not addressed by any of the information provided on this site, please feel free to contact one of the executive board officers for assistance in resolving the matter.  

The purpose of our organization is to support one another in maintaining our neighborhoods as a safe and pleasant place to live.  While we are not anti-student, we are pro-neighborhood.


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