The UANA began in the summer of 1998, and since then has played a key role in the life of our neighborhoods on either side of University Parkway. It has provided a means of identifying neighborhood concerns and problems, and has sought constructive ways toward resolving them.

Over the years, we have dealt with a variety of issues, including rezoning and local permits for construction or expansion of sites of concern to neighbors, conversion of owner-occupied, single-family homes into rental houses (usually rented to Wake Forest undergraduates), and violations of the local noise and other ordinances by late-night partying at rental houses.

In all these cases, the UANA has worked effectively to negotiate resolutions to these problems. We have developed a working relationship with Wake Forest University officials, the Winston-Salem Police Department, our City Council representatives (Nelson Malloy and Wanda Merschel),  city Housing and Neighborhood Services, and the Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance.

We have made a positive difference, and we can continue to do that -- provided that YOU, dear reader/neighborhood resident, take an interest in and support these efforts.

To learn more about becoming a member of UANA, please visit our Membership page.


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